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The major drawdown of the lake, which occurs every five years, it just about over.
The lake will remain at this level until December 15, when it will be allowed to start refilling.







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President's Message

Happy holidays!

Our Annual Meeting at Alice's Restaurant was great fun. (Be sure to check out the newsletter article in the Scuttlebutt tab on this site and the photos in our gallery.)
It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves and we will work to continue to provide events that bring us all together. Even though I have nearly completed my term as president, I will remain on the board as past president and carry out my usual duties for the club. 

I have enjoyed all of my years on the board and as an officer (even the extra one during Covid, thanks to Harry!)  Thank you all for your continued involvement 
and support of the LHACBS over the years. 

I know the lake looks kind of eerie these days with the drawdown, but it will be back up to its normal level before we know it. Stay in touch with each other over the winter and remember to reach out to those who may need a boost. I plan to keep busy and get all the stuff done that I never got to do over the summer, because
I was too busy boating on all the nice days. A bit of travel is on the agenda as 
well. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking about boating and how many months until I can get back out there.  So, enjoy your "off season" and be well.  

As you are well aware, Ray Reynolds will be your new president. Wow, how did we get such a great guy who works so hard for this club? That being said, we are in good hands and will have a terrific two years under his helm. I am proud to have been part of this great group and look forward to our future.  

Happy New Year to all,

Jackie Loughridge
Outgoing President, LHACBS

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Ray Reynolds, President LHACBS

Mike Schillizzi, VP & Show Chair

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5-year drawdown
in progress


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#2 Daniel Clapp Zinc Additives

#3 Don Gulliksen Storing Soaker Boats

#4 Wyn Ginter Floss Your Boat Daily!!!!

#5 Pat Hoferkamp Boats for Sale

#6 Bob Larson Make your own Fuel Stick


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