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President's Message

Dear LHACBS Member,

In our efforts to find Covid-compliant activities for our members this year, we increased our cruises from the traditional monthly schedule to twice monthly during the month of August. With September having the issue of shortened daylight hours, we decided to offer weekly morning cruises every weekend starting this Saturday. That way we have plenty of daylight while being early enough to avoid the heavy boat traffic on the weekends.

This week's cruise will be led by Captain Bob Rice piloting 'Lieutenant'. The rendezvous point will be in front of the Windlass at 9:30 am this Saturday.

Stay at Home -- Self Quarantine -- Social Distancing

All phrases that a few months ago were not a part of our daily vocabulary.

While these mandates were taking place the Board of Directors continued to meet on a regular basis either by telephone conference, Zoom meeting or outside social distancing meetings.

Remember as our country “closed” and life “paused” the Board of Directors remained “open.” As a club we must remain vigilant to our members and whether we are socializing with one another at events or simply gathering as friends with a common passion of antique boating, it is this camaraderie that will sustain us through this difficult time. 2020 is not a lost year for we have not lost the things that are truly the backbone of the club - which is the life force of its members

Harry Gedicke

President, LHACBS

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